Reach the lost, poor, vulnerable and oppressed with the powerful words of the Gospel and God’s tangible love through us, his body of believers. We desire to equip, empower, encourage, and entrust our congregation and ministry partners to relationally serve others through the practical love of Jesus.

Cokesbury Global Missions Values

Jesus-Centered | “Get Jesus, Give Jesus.” Jesus must be THE value that differentiates the church from all other charitable works. We want to make sure that any decision we make is grounded in scripture. He and his words must be the motivation for all we do and he must always receive all the glory.

Others-Focused | “Everyone matters to God.” We believe fully in the bible and the scriptures are very clear that we are to make disciples of all nations. We believe our Missions efforts should be focused on: hurting, vulnerable, unchurched, and the oppressed- “The Least of These”.

Relationship and Long-Term Commitment | Everything we do- trips, projects, events, giving – are simply the means to build and nurture relationships of MUTUAL trust, grounded in a long-term commitment. We believe in a 50/50 partnership with everyone we are called to minister with. We are learning just as much, sometimes even more so, from the local culture as they are from us.

Serve and Empower | “Saved people serve people.” We desire to “Serve, Empower, Encourage and Entrust” the local church and ministry leadership wherever we go and invest. They are the ones who will remain long after our project or trip is over. We believe in respecting and learning from local leadership and local culture.

Strategic Focus | We believe ministry success and impact is directly tied to doing a few things well. We know that saying “yes” to a few initiatives and relationships means saying “no” to other good things. We also know there will be different levels of attention and investment for each of our initiatives at any given time, based on that ministry’s stage of development. Because of this focus, we recognize that God may guide some of our members to be involved in ministry outside of our focus, and we desire to support and celebrate this as much as possible without losing focus on what we feel God has called our church to invest deeply in.

Stewardship of Resources | “You can’t out give God.” God has entrusted us with resources- time, talents, and treasures- that he will hold us accountable for wise, effective, and efficient use of. We want to make sure we honor God in all these resource-based decisions.

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