Learn more about Cokesbury and what it means to take Next Steps with our church. The whole family is welcome to come have dinner and learn more. Register below for updates on our next dinner.



We offer a variety of subscriptions to keep you up-to-date on everything going on at Cokesbury. Plus, you can subscribe to text alerts and to our Daily Bible Reading Plan. Manage all of your subscriptions here.


Teaching Groups are groups led by a facilitator and are offered throughout the week. Please see for a complete listing.


A Small Group gathers weekly outside the normal structure of weekend worship experiences to create a community that points to Jesus.

    • Adults – Men’s Groups, Women’s Groups, Mixed Groups, and Couples Groups available. Let us know if you’re interested in joining a Small Group.
    • Cokesbury Kids – Check out preschool and elementary (K through 4th grade) Wednesday Night information at
    • Cokesbury Students – Students in 5th through 12th grades meet on Wednesday nights. Be sure to check to learn more.


If you want to learn more about what it means to join Cokesbury Church, please email Jill Stuckey.


At Cokesbury we talk a lot about finding your Next Step. If your Next Step is to be baptized, please email Jill Stuckey or Learn more about being baptized here.


Spiritual Gifts are abilities that God equips us with “to love others into a relationship with Jesus.”

Each one of us is important to the mission God has for Cokesbury, so we encourage you to find out more about how God has gifted you. Here are a couple ways to explore our gifts.

      • One way is to simply ask a few people who know you well what they feel your strengths are. Take that knowledge and begin to talk to God about it.  Serve in some different areas and find out if serving there brings life to you.
      • A second way is to do an online gifts assessment.  There are many available on the internet, but a good place to start is The 21 question survey which will identify your strongest gifts.  The UMC website also gives detailed information about Spiritual Gifts.


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